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The time immediately following a car accident can be emotionally fraught. There are so many things to juggle at once—your own medical recovery (or that of your passengers), repairs to your vehicle, time missed at work and other such issues. It can be overwhelming to have to think about an insurance claims process or even a personal injury lawsuit.

 An auto accident attorney can help relieve you of some of this burden and get you compensation for the damages you’ve sustained. While not every auto accident will need an attorney, there are some circumstances in which it makes sense to seek legal representation.

Some of these circumstances include:

There is good reason to believe another person’s negligence caused the accident

If you have any reason to believe someone else’s actions played a significant role in causing the accident, this is a good reason to speak to an attorney. If you are able to prove their liability, this could result in you avoiding taking a hit to your insurance and potentially getting a payout as well.

You suffered injuries or significant vehicle damage

If the accident just involved a small scrape to your fender with no injuries, it’s probably overkill to get an attorney involved. But if you suffered injuries or significant damage to your vehicle, it’s important to speak to an attorney. They can help you recover the compensation you need and deserve as a result of the accident.

Your injuries are permanent, or resulted in disability

The more serious the injuries, the more important it is for you to get an attorney involved. If those injuries result in permanent disability, you will need an attorney to advocate for a larger recovery amount, given the impact that disability will have on your ability to maintain gainful employment and to live an unimpeded lifestyle.

You need help negotiating with an insurance adjuster

Do you feel like your insurance adjuster is lowballing you with a settlement offer? Your instincts are probably serving you well. Remember that your adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you—they will do everything they can to save the provider money, and will often offer a settlement figure on the lower end of what they’d be willing to pay out. Attorneys understand how to negotiate with adjusters to increase your settlement figure and get you a larger payout.

Someone died in the accident

If you lost a loved one from injuries sustained in the accident, it becomes crucial that you work with an attorney to make sure both that you get compensation that is fitting for the case, and that justice is done, especially if the person who caused the accident was particularly reckless or negligent.

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