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Life Insurance Policies provide financial support in settling funeral costs, loans, and other debts left behind by the deceased. They also provide stability by providing support for living expenses in the stressful and emotional days following the death of a loved one. Denied or Disputed claims only increase the challenges during this time.

At Mark Artall, APLC, we work with family members and other beneficiaries when you have been denied a life insurance payout. In many cases, the insurance company will send a letter explaining the denial and return the funds collected for the policy premiums. When contesting a disputed claim, it is important that instead of cashing or depositing the refund, you contact our firm today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your options to recover life insurance money that rightfully belongs to you.

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Why Was The Claim Denied?

At times, insurance companies refuse to pay a life insurance claim because they believe the insured misrepresented themselves, although in many cases this can be disputed and the denial reversed. Common reasons for denial include:

  • The death occurred during the contestability period. Policies will typically have a clause stating that benefits will not be paid if the death occurs within a certain period of time after purchasing the policy. This allows the insurer to investigate the claim before issuing payout.

  • The cause of death was not covered by the policy. Typically this only refers to suicide deaths, but many times it can be reversed if the death occurred outside of the contingency period.

  • Failure to disclose information. Insurance companies may claim that the deceased omitted details of a pre-existing medical condition, undisclosed risk factors such as risky hobbies or behaviors or provided incorrect contact information. Many times the claims can be overcome by examining the information the insurance company obtained prior to agreeing to issue the life insurance policy.

  • Failure to pay premiums. If the policy is in default for nonpayment, then the claim will most likely be denied by the insurance company.

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It is important to understand the reasons your loved one’s life insurance payout was denied. Working with an experienced attorney allows you to fully understand the policy coverage and file the necessary appeals.

When denying a life insurance claim, many companies hope that you will cash the premium refund check and move on; however, if you feel that you have been wrongfully denied, then you are missing out on the full value of the claim.

Mark Artall, APLC, we work on behalf of our clients to represent their best interests following a life insurance claim denial or dispute, allowing you to move past your loved one’s death with the financial compensation that is rightfully owed. Time is important in these cases, so contact us today to set up a free initial consultation.

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