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After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to focus on recovering and getting back to your everyday life when you have to consider how you’ll pay for your medical care and rehabilitation.

However, if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can take legal action to get compensation for your injury and suffering and get back to focusing solely on getting better.

At Mark Artall, APLC, we care deeply about helping our clients through their accident claims, and maintain a constant focus on getting them the compensation they both need and deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation, and we’ll be happy to discuss your case with you and develop a plan for how we can help you recover with a lot more peace of mind.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be quite severe, given the fewer protections a motorcyclist has compared to a driver in a standard passenger car. Motorcyclists are at greater risk of injuries such as spinal cord injuries, disfigurement, fractures, traumatic brain injuries and road rash, among others.

The causes of these accidents can vary. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Failure to yield: Far and away the most common type of motorcycle accident is a failure to yield accident, specifically cars making left-hand turns and not seeing motorcyclists coming. Some research indicates these accidents account for 42 percent of motorcycle crashes. It’s always important to watch for motorcycles on the road, especially when the weather is nice, because they’re not always as easy to notice as other vehicles.
  • Driver error: Motorcycles are more likely to be affected by the errors of other drivers such as texting while driving as well as driving while intoxicated.

  • Speeding: Excessive speed is one of the most common causes of accidents of all types.

Motorcycle Accident

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At Mark Artall, APLC, we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best possible results in their case. We aren’t in this for the recognition — your ability to move forward, recover well and enjoy your life is our primary concern. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation, and we can discuss your case in greater detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accident Cases in the Lafayette Area

We’ve collected a few of the questions we most commonly receive about motorcycle accident cases to provide you with some further information. Here are a few examples:

How long will my personal injury lawsuit take?2020-11-05T09:22:08-06:00

Every case is different and it’s difficult to give a definitive timeframe. There are many factors that can affect the duration of your case including severity of injuries, treatment, damages, and more. Once we have had some time to analyze your case, we can provide a better estimate. We want to make sure that you are properly taken care of.

How much are personal injury lawyer fees?2020-11-05T09:30:29-06:00

We work on a contingency fee basis meaning any legal fees will come out of the client’s settlement. You will pay nothing until then.

Who is responsible for my accident?2020-04-15T13:34:06-05:00

This depends on the circumstances present in your accident. Common examples of liability include a driver who failed to yield to a motorcyclist, a driver causing an accident while intoxicated behind the wheel, a driver causing an accident due to texting while driving, or a municipality failing to maintain its streets properly.

Can I file an injury claim if I was a passenger in a motorcycle accident?2020-04-15T13:36:00-05:00

You can—and you can file that claim against any party that caused the accident, including the driver of the motorcycle on which you were a passenger, if he or she was liable for the accident. This means motorcycle passengers can file claims against negligent drivers even in single-vehicle accidents. The processes you use in the case would be the same as those involved in a standard motorcycle accident claim.

Can I recover damages if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?2020-04-15T13:37:23-05:00

Under Louisiana state law, motorcyclists are required to wear helmets, whether they are the operator or a passenger. The only exceptions are if you are riding in a parade, or if your bike has supports installed that provide at least as much safety as a helmet or roll bar. That being said, not wearing a helmet does not preclude you from recovering damages if the other person in the accident was at fault—it might reflect poorly on you for your case, and it could influence the amount of money you recover, but it will not automatically prevent you from being compensated.

What should I do if I’m injured in a motorcycle accident?2020-04-15T13:39:33-05:00

First and foremost, your focus should be on getting the medical attention you need. The most important thing is that you get healthy, and anything else can be worried about later. Speak to an attorney before calling any insurance company.

What is my motorcycle accident injury claim worth?2020-04-15T13:43:54-05:00

It’s impossible to give any accurate estimate of value for any type of personal injury claim without knowing all the facts of the case. In general, though, you can expect cases to be more valuable when there are more aggravating factors, such as driving while intoxicated.

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